2. Aerial - Spatial Experience Design

Aerial is a pavilion for a meditative experience with surrounding audio-visuals. It is designed to create a feeling of “lifted”—away from one’s own circumstances; yet at the same time, “grounded”—with heightened awareness of the surroundings and being within the space.

In the pavilion, as viewers approach from different directions, an infrared sensor in the center of the will trigger a surround-sound experience of pigeon whistle, whose melancholy sound will hold enchantment even for those unfamiliar with it. Meanwhile, a rotating projector will project a hovering flock on the inner wall and hanging scrim, producing a hazy, intimate feeling like that of shadow puppetry.

Aerial aims to briefly interrupt the hastiness of urban living by the creation of a space and encounter to trigger contemplation and hopefully, a re-examination of one’s surroundings.

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